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Before you pack up and get ready to travel the great state of Louisiana or beyond, come see us to protect that RV or camper against damage or liability claims.

RVs and campers are unique in that they operate both as a home away from home as well as a vehicle, which means they sometimes require specialized coverage. This coverage will vary depending on whether you have a motorhome or a travel trailer.

In Florida, if you have a motor home – i.e., a drivable RV that comes with cooking appliances, a bathroom, heating and air conditioning, a drinkable plumbing system, and a 110-125 volt electrical system – you are required to have RV insurance. If you have a travel trailer, your auto insurance may cover some aspects of the trailer, although a separate insurance policy is still a smart option. Finally, If you are financing your RV, you will be required by your lender to carry specific types of RV/camper insurance.

An RV/camper is an investment, and it’s wise to treat it as one. The Della Porta Group provides a number of quality RV/Camper Insurance policies that prove some or all of the following:

  • Coverage for the RV/Camper in case it is in an accident or suffers a loss, like vandalism or theft.
  • Coverage for the Personal Property inside the RV/Camper up to the standard amount determined in your policy. (Additional limits may be available for an additional fee.)
  • Vacation liability coverage pays for property damage or bodily injury losses that takes place when your RV/Camper is parked at a vacation spot.
  • Emergency expense coverage to pay for hotel and transportation costs if your RV/camper incurs a covered loss.
  • Medical payments for medical expenses (up to the set limit) if medical treatment is incurred during an accident involving the RV/camper.
  • Windshield Repair/Replacement if needed, minus the deductible.

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Looking for coverage? Contact one of our licensed agents today to learn more!

Looking for coverage? Contact one of our licensed agents today to learn more!

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