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Mobile home or manufactured home insurance is very similar to regular homeowners’ insurance, but it does require a separate type of policy.

Mobile home insurance can provide coverage for both physical damage to your mobile home and your personal property, (when purchased); and it also covers your legal liability arising from your non-auto activities.

Physical Damage to Property: If your mobile home or your personal belongings endure physical damage from things such as hail, wind, fire, theft, or vandalism, mobile home coverage may help cover your loss depending on the specific policy. It may also cover losses to additional structures, such as a deck or detached garage (if the additional other structures coverage is purchased).

Not all mobile home policies offer the same coverage. Some provide replacement cost coverage – i.e., they will pay out the amount it would cost to replace the home or contents (up to specified limits). Others only provide actual value coverage, which takes depreciation into consideration. Still others, which are called agreed value policies, will pay a stated amount if your mobile home is destroyed.

Some mobile home insurance policies only include “named perils.” While these have lower premiums, they have more exclusions on the types of losses that are and are not covered.

It’s important to note that most policies will not cover the mobile home while it is in transit.

Liability: If you are found liable for an injury or property damage to a guest at your home, liability coverage may help protect you. -

Our agents at The Della Porta Group can help you determine the right policy for your situation at the best price possible. We’ll also let you know about any optional coverages you may want to include, as well as potential ways to save through available discounts.

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Looking for coverage? Contact one of our licensed agents today to learn more!

Looking for coverage? Contact one of our licensed agents today to learn more!

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