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Do you rent out a Florida home, condo, apartment, or duplex that you own? If so, The Della Porta Group can provide you with landlord insurance to protect you from both property damage and liability losses.

A Landlord Insurance policy can protect you and your rental property with some or all of the following coverages, depending on the policy:

  • Dwelling: This helps pay to repair or replace your rental property if it’s damaged by wind, hail, fire, lightning, vandalism, or other covered losses (minus your deductible).
  • Additional Structures: If your rental property has a detached garage, storage building, fence, or other structure, landlord insurance will pay for damages caused by covered losses (minus your deductible).
  • Some Personal Property Used for Servicing Your Rental: If you have maintenance items, like a lawnmower, that you leave on site to care for your property, it may be covered under your landlord policy.
  • Liability:

Traditional landlord insurance does not cover the following, but there are additional policies that we can provide. These may cover:

  • Theft of Property. While damage to your home from a burglary would be covered under your landlord insurance policy, coverage for the theft of items in the rental home requires additional coverage.
  • Rental property under Construction. If you are renovating an unoccupied rental, we may be able to provide additional coverage that will help protect the rental’s structure until it’s ready to rent out.
  • Building codes:

When it comes to landlord insurance, there are certain things it does not cover. These include:

  • Equipment maintenance and breakdowns. If your rental’s appliances break down, you will be responsible for paying to have them repaired or replaced.

Your Tenants' Property. You tenants will need to purchase renter’s insurance to cover their personal property. It’s smart to have them show proof of coverage as part of their rental agreement.

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Looking for coverage? Contact one of our licensed agents today to learn more!

Looking for coverage? Contact one of our licensed agents today to learn more!

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